Heats in the top league

Of course, this is run in a fair and sportsmanlike manner, but still sliders and tyres are pushed to the maximum when ambitious racers with many years of experience compete for tenths of a second and top placements.

The races offered take a lot of time – please check the schedule before you Register!

You should bring with you:

  • Plenty of experience on the racetrack and in races (e.g. through several race trainings)
  • Sporty, confident riding style – predictable at all times
  • Perfect control of your motorcycle – in every situation
  • Racing motorcycle
  • Protective clothing appropriate for the racetrack (leather permitted only)
  • Interest in measuring yourself against other riders in a sportsmanlike manner

What you will be offered:

  • Multi-day training sessions on the racetrack
  • Division into three or four performance groups (depending on the date and track, please check the schedule)
  • Riding on the racetrack will be in 20 minute turns (the precise number of turns can be found in the applicable schedule)
  • Two heats for the PowerCup / SuperCup (for registered riders only)
  • Participation in sprint races (eight race laps) and GP races (12 race laps) (qualification required)
  • Evaluation of the sprint races in the displacement categories of 600 ccm, 750 ccm and 1,000 ccm
  • Evaluation of the GP races in the categories of GP1 (1,000 ccm) and GP2 (600 ccmand 750 ccm)


15.-17. May 2020

  • Aragon1
  • Waiting list

12.-14. Jun 2020

  • Slovakiaring
  • Available

24.-26. Jul 2020

  • Mugello2
  • Available

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