Free riding for free hotshots

For special occasions, on very special tracks and for very special participants, we have a few events in the program where the phrase ”open pit lane” applies.

You MUST bring the following:

  • A lot of experience on the racetrack (e.g. acquired by regular participation in sports riding or racing training)
  • Confident control of your motorcycle in every situation
  • Sporty, confident riding style – predictable at all times
  • Sporty motorcycle with open performance and at least 80 HP
  • A great deal of tolerance, readiness to be considerate, good self-control
  • Protective clothing appropriate for the racetrack (leather permitted only)

You will be offered:

  • Multiple days of training on the racetrack with an infinite amount of riding time
  • Top 50 turn for the fastest participants -  that also eases the free riding
  • Some small sprint races will also be offered


No current dates.

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